Software Construction: 2005-2006 (Spring)

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Also see TU/e educational info for 2IS20.

Deadline for ASF+SDF assignments postponed until 9 July
When working in pairs, report the pairing to Tom Verhoeff.
Per pair, only one person submits the work via PEACH.
Include author names, id. numbers, and production date in source file(s).
The final assignment for C++ Template Metaprogramming is available.
The final assignment for Generic Language Technology is available.
See Exercise 1 and Exercise 2.
Solutions must be submitted via PEACH before 20 June 2006.
Submission is now possible.
ASF+SDF has been installed on
as /usr/local/bin/meta
Web page on the Generic Language Technology part of the course
Register for this course via PEACH,
if you intend to take the exam (only for TU/e students)

Coordinator: Tom Verhoeff

Lectures by prof. dr. Mark van den Brand on generic language technology:

The principles of generic language technology will be demonstrated using the formalism ASF+SDF. Furthermore, applications in the field of program analysis and transformation will be discussed.

Lectures by dr. Zoltán Porkoláb (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, Hungary) on C++ Template Metaprogramming (the prerequisite C++ knowledge will be summarized separately later):