Review Checklist for Acceptance Test Plan

This checklist is NOT intended as a starting point to write a document.
It does NOT necessarily cover all aspects relevant for this type of document.
This checklist is intended only as an aid in checking a completed document.

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  1. Are the entry conditions clearly and completely stated?
  2. Is there an indication of how long it will typically take to carry out the acceptance test? When a full acceptance test takes more than two hours, is it indicated which test procedures would constitute a reasonable subset to carry out as initial acceptance test?
  3. Does each test procedure and each test case have a unique identifier?
  4. Are building and installing the product from sources included as test cases?
  5. Does each test case have a backward tracing to the specific user requirements that it covers? Is a forward tracing table included (in an appendix): for each user requirement, listing the test cases that cover it?
  6. Are input actions explicitly described, so that they can be carried out without making further decisions? Test cases should consist of a sequence of concrete and reproducible steps.
  7. Are pass/fail criteria clearly explained? For instance, by providing concrete expected output, or a way of checking actual output for conformation to the requirements.

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