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Company Projects

I am responsible for knowledge valorisation and external collaboration within the Project Development Office (PDO) . In order to see what PDO can do for your company or institution, you are most welcome to contact me. It is our experience that discussing your particular needs always leads to valuable new insights.

Student Projects

Students wishing to carry out a bachelor's project in statistics, are invited to have a look at the following interesting projects (they are all inspired by real applications in industry):

  1. Short-Term Prediction of Dangerous High Water Levels
  2. Estimating quantiles of the Negative Binomial Distributions
  3. Confidence Intervals for Binomial Distributions with Zero Successes
  4. Statistical Models for Software Testing with Imperfect Debugging
  5. Correct Use of Forecasting Models (with the Acco company)

I will soon have some projects suggested by the SKF company on reliability estimation based on the Weibull distribution.

If you wish to know more about these projects, then please drop by in my office.

Students wishing to carry out their Master's project in industrial statistics, are invited to make an appointment with me. I have several opportunities both for projects within industry of within the university.

Last modified: November 15, 2015