VLSI Programming [2IN35]

Year 2014-2015, Quart 4

BIS-1, CSE-1, ES-1, ES(EIT-EMS)-1

Credit points:
5 ects

Provided by:
Dept W&I, CS

Prof.dr. C.H. van Berkel, dr. R.H. Mak

Lab instructors:
M.Sc. Hrishikesh Salunkhe, M.Sc. Alok Lele

Prof.dr. C.H. van Berkel, dr. R.H. Mak

Instruction type:
a combination of lectures and lab-assignments

homework assignments + report on lab work + oral examination

Study material:

Keshab K. Parhi:

Lecture slides:
Homework assignments:
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  • to acquire insight in the description, design, and optimization of fine-grained parallel computations;
  • to acquire insight in the (future) capabilities of VLSI as an implementation medium of parallel computations;
  • to acquire skills in the design of parallel computations and in their implementation on FPGAs.
  • Contents:
    Massive parallelism is needed to exploit the huge and still increasing computational capabilities of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits. In this course:
    Major elements of the course:



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    Lab Classes:

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