12th International Workshop on
Expressiveness in Concurrency
27 August, 2005
San Francisco, USA
Affiliated with CONCUR 2005 (mirror site CONCUR2005 )
Invited speakers:
Tom Henzinger (EPFL, Switzerland)
Glynn Winskel (University of Cambridge, England)
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List of papers accepted for Express 2005

Out of 15 submissions,
the following 9 papers were accepted by the programme committee.

Roberto Amadio, Frédéric Dabrowski
Feasible reactivity for synchronous cooperative threads

Raymond Devillers, Hanna Klaudel, Maciej Koutny
A Petri net semantics of a simple process algebra for mobility

Petr Jančar, Martin Kot, Zdeněk Sawa
Notes on Complexity of Bisimilarity between BPA and BPP

Sibylle Fröschle, Sławomir Lasota
Causality Versus True-Concurrency

Maribel Fernández, Ian Mackie, François-Régis Sinot
Interaction Nets vs. the ρ-Calculus: Introducing Bigraphical Nets

Nathalie Bertrand, Philippe Schnoebelen
A short visit to the STS hierarchy

Diletta Cacciagrano, Flavio Corradini, Catuscia Palamidessi
Separation of synchronous and asynchronous communication via testing

Sébastien Briais, Uwe Nestmann
Open Bisimulation, Revisited

Johannes Borgström
Static Equivalence is Harder than Knowledge

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