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Declare Renaming

In some older papers, the Declare tool has been referred to as DECLARE and the language as ConDec.  Starting from version 2.4 (due before the end of the year), the name changes to “Declare” (without quotes, of course), i.e., using normal lowercase.  The reason is that Declare is not an abbreviation and all-uppercase words are typographically ugly.

We also start referring to the language of Declare as Declare (or the Declare language) instead of the old name ConDec.  While Declare can support other languages, the default and main language is the language formerly known as ConDec.  This simplifies the naming scheme, reduces confusion, and ties the brands together.

When we released Declare 2.2, it was released as Declare 2.2 with Modules.  The surname is not really part of the name but useful for quickly getting an idea of what the main new feature of a version of Declare is.  I cannot promise this will be the case for all future releases, but as a sneak preview, I can reveal that the next version is Declare 2.4 with Time.  Starting from Declare 2.4, versions of Declare will have the version number in the title bar for easy reference.

Finally, the main tools comprising the main Declare package have been renamed.  The renaming is as follows: Framework -> Server and Worklist -> Client.  The reason is that the name Framework never made sense to me.  The application is really just the server tool for the Declare workflow engine and is now named as such.  The renaming of the client is to correspond with the name of the server and make it clear that it cannot work alone (but that the two applications can run on separate machines).

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