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Merging Declare and CPN Tools

As you may or may not know, I’m maintaining both Declare and CPN Tools.  I would like to make some improvements to Declare, and instead of struggling with the Declare Editor, which is a bit annoying to work with for many tasks, I decided to instead integrate Declare functionality into CPN Tools.

This means that Declare will gain features such as simpler modularity, timed simulation, very intuitive support for data, and simulation-based performance analysis of models.  In addition, you can seamlessly mix declarative models with Petri net models and even colored Petri net models.

CPN Tools will gain the power obtained from supporting the declarative paradigm; this means that even in a CPN model, it becomes possible to use, e.g., succession or co-existence, which is quite difficult to do without declarative constructs.  Here is an early screen-shot from the upcoming version of CPN Tools:

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