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EiPSI Seminars 2010

February 3 Tanya Ignatenko Fuzzy Commitment for Biometrics: Information Leakage and Coding
March 3 Jufeng FanEfficient and secure (H)ECC co-processor design: challenge and response
April 14 Bruno Pontes Soares Rocha Towards Static Flow-based Declassification for Legacy and Untrusted Programs
May 26 Elisa Costante Trust and Web Services: Reputation and Evidence for the Service Selection
September 9 Meilof Veeningen Modeling identity-related properties and their privacy strength
October 13 Berry Schoenmakers Anonymous Credential Schemes with Encrypted Attributes
November 3 Christian Schaffner (CWI) Position-based Quantum Cryptography: Impossibility and Constructions
November 24 Mohammad Mousavi Reconciling Operational and Epistemic Approaches to the Analysis of Security Protocols