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EiPSI Seminars 2011

January 12 Fabio Massacci Resident Evil: After-Life Vulnerabilities in Firefox. A Study on Firefox Evolution, its Vulnerabilities, and its Fixes
February 9 Lejla Batina Mutual Information Analysis (MIA) side channel attacks
February 23 Mehmet Kiraz E-voting Research at Tubitak
March 9 Dion Boesten On Tardos Fingerprinting and Channel Capacities
March 23 Nadia Heringer Cold boot attacks against encryption keys
May 18 Mikkel Krøigård Multi Party Computation is not just for millionaires
June 29 Elisa Costante Trust Perception: What Really Matters
September 14 Peter Schwabe
(National Taiwan University)
High-speed high-security signatures
September 28 Daniel J. Bernstein The security impact of a new cryptographic library
October 12 Jerry den Hartog Information flow and declassification in a distributed setting
November 2 Mayla BrusÚ Dissecting Unlinkability
November 16 Meilof Veeningen Formal Privacy Analysis of Communication Protocols for Identity Management