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Press releases 2010

January 14 Article in the Nederlands Dagblad (read here)
with Henk van Tilborg
January 28 Article in the Cursor (on page 4)
with Sandro Etalle
February 19 Article in the Automatiseringsgids
with Sandro Etalle
March 3 Article in NRCNext (read here)
with Benne de Weger
June 9 Article in NRC (read here)
with Berry Schoenmakers
September 23 Article in the Cursor (read here)
with Benne de Weger
October 9 TV interview on NOS Nieuwsuur (watch here)
with Sandro Etalle
October 15 Article in De Ingenieur
with Sandro Etalle
November 2 Article on NWT Online (read here)
with Benne de Weger
December 16-17 Article in AD, Trouw, Telegraaf and other 22 newspapers (see here)
with Sandro Etalle
December 18 Article in Elsevier (read here)
with Tanja Lange