FM2009 is part of Formal Methods Week. To make registration for FMweek as convenient as possible, a central system has been set up that allows participants to register for any desired combination of events and make hotel reservations for the their stay in Eindhoven, all in one process. Registrations and reservations will be handled by the Congress Office of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), by means of a single registration website. Hence, participants of FM2009 are asked to register through this central system.

You can proceed directly to FMweek Registration page via the link, where you will find a Guide to registration explaining the steps in the registration process, and the central registration system. Alternatively, you can read this page for an introduction to the registration for FMweek, and to learn the registration details for all parts of FM2009.

Basic FMweek registration

An advantage of central registration is that the costs that are directly related to handling the registrations of a participant only have to be paid once, regardless of the number of events or meetings in FMweek this person registers for. The organizers of FMweek want to pass this advantage on to the participants (basic registration costs for multiple events are the same as for one event), and to the events and meetings (if a person registers for multiple events, these events should not each have to carry the full costs for handling the registration of this person).

Hence it was arranged to take these basic registration costs (which would normally be hidden) out of the registration fees of all events and meetings in FMweek, and make them a separate item in the registration process. Therefore every participant is asked to pay for a basic registration to FMweek of 35 euros, regardless of the combination of events for which he/she registers.

FM2009 Registration categories

FM2009 has three registration periods, which apply to all parts of it:

FM2009 has two registration categories for the Symposium: regular and student. All other parts of FM2009 only have one category: regular.

Registration fees

The registration fees for FM2009 (not including the Basic FMweek registration) are as follows:

FM 2009 early + normal late
Regular 450 euros 550 euros
Student 300 euros 400 euros
Extra proceedings 75 euros 75 euros
Extra conference dinner 70 euros 70 euros
Regular 65 euros 80 euros
Tutorial half-day
Regular 55 euros65 euros
Tutorial whole-day
Regular 75 euros90 euros
Industry Day only
Regular 75 euros 75 euros
Doctoral Symposium only
Regular 75 euros75 euros

Please note that all registrations to FM2009 Symposium include Industry Day and the Doctoral Symposium. Registrations for the Symposium in the category Regular includes one ticket to the conference dinner and a copy of the LNCS proceedings of FM2009. Registrations for the Symposium in the category Student does not include the conference dinner and the proceedings.

To participate in the workshops and tutorials of FM2009, a separate registration is necessary at the costs per workshop and per tutorial listed above.Participation in Industry Day and the Doctoral Symposium without registering for any other part of FM2009 is possible by means of the Industry Day only and Doctoral Symposium only options.

For any part of FM2009 for which you register (in any category), coffee/tea breaks and lunches for the duration of that part are included in the registration.


Due to the large number of registrations for FM2009 and FMweek, all congress hotels are now fully booked. For assistance in making hotel reservations, please contact the Congress Office of the TU/e at

If you want to book a hotel for your stay in Eindhoven, the FMweek registration system allows you to make a reservation. A selection of hotels is offered at reduced rates through the Congress Bureau (see table below). The hotel costs are not part of your registration, you will have to pay the hotel yourself upon check-out. All hotels offered are in the centre of Eindhoven. They are all close to the FM2009 venue (between 0.8 and 1.3 kilometres), with the Sandton Hotel a little bit further away (2.2 kilometers), as can be seen on the following map. The listed prices include breakfast, but not the tourist tax of 3.50 euros per person per night.

Sandton Hotel Eindhoven City Centre Stratumsedijk 23 d/f 5611 MA Eindhoven
single room no longer available 89.00 euros
double room no longer available 99.00 euros
Queen Markt 7 5611 EB Eindhoven
single room no longer available 95.00 euros
double room no longer available 115.00 euros
Crown Inn Markt 35 5611 EC Eindhoven
single room no longer available 101.50 euros
double room no longer available 114.00 euros
Eden Crown Hotel Vestdijk 14-16 5611 CC Eindhoven
single room no longer available 119.00 euros
double room no longer available 139.00 euros
Holiday Inn Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1 5612 BA Eindhoven
single room no longer available 119.00 euros
double room no longer available 139.00 euros