PINPAS JC Project - Publications

  1. J. Pan, J. den Hartog and J. Lu, You Cannot Hide Behind the Mask: Power Analysis on a Provably Secure S-Box Implementation. Submitted.
    [PDF (preliminary)] [BibTeX]
  2. J. Lu, J. Pan and J. den Hartog, Security of AES Against Differential Power Analysis. Submitted.
    [PDF (preliminary)] [BibTeX]
  3. J. Pan, J. den Hartog and E. de Vink, An operation-based metric for CPA resistance
    Proceedings, International Information Security Conference (SEC) 2008, Milan, Italy, September 2008.
    [PDF] [BibTeX]
  4. W. Mostowski, Systematic Development of Java Card Applets. Submitted.
    [Gzipped PostScript (preliminary)] [PDF (preliminary)] [BibTeX]
  5. W. Mostowski, Formal Reasoning about Non-Atomic Java Card Methods in Dynamic Logic,
    Proceedings, Formal Methods (FM) 2006, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August 2006. LNCS, Springer. To appear.
    [Gzipped PostScript (preprint)] [PDF (preprint)] [BibTeX]
  6. E. Hubbers, W. Mostowski, and E. Poll, Tearing Java Cards
    Proceedings, e-Smart 2006, Sophia-Antipolis, France, September 2006.
    [PDF ] [BibTeX]
  7. W. Mostowski, J.Pan, S.Akkiraju, E. de Vink, E.Poll and J.den Hartog, A Comparison of Java Cards: State-of-Affairs 2006,
    CS-Report CSR 07-06, TU/e, March 2007.
    [Article available on request.] [BibTex]