SAIL 2014

Semantic Adaptive Infomedia Lighting


SAIL 2014 is an EIT ICT Labs project. The main innovation objective is to develop a disruptive and highly profitable set of hybrid services for smart interactive retail advertising and shopping that connects 2D/3D products in a physical retail place with mobile information and services, and provides a meeting place between physical and digital consumers for future shopping based on smart/semantic info-light technologies.

SAN Contribution

To support adaptive semantic lighting at the point-of-sale in a retail environment, we investigate a novel indoor localization technique that uses infrared LEDs and sensors to anonymously determine the area occupied by customers. In this way, it is possible to count the number of customers, track their movement and consequently, identify places and items within the retail environment that are easy to access and attract customers. In more detail, our goal is:

  • to create a simulation platform for preliminary findings
  • to develop a user positioning and tracking algorithm
  • to build a testbed for a proof-of-concept
  • to evaluate the positioning/tracking method


  • Natasa Jovanovic, Tanir Ozcelebi and Johan Lukkien, In-plane user positioning indoors, Proceedings of the 35th WIC Symposium on Information Theory in Benelux and the 4th Joint WIC/IEEE Symposium on Information Theory and Signal Processing in Benelux (SITB 14, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2014) (pp. 105-112).
  • Natasa Jovanovic, Tanir Ozcelebi and Johan Lukkien, Indoor user positioning using infrared LEDs and sensors, Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation(IPIN 2014, Busan, Korea).

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