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10 – 14 July 2023, Eindhoven, the Netherlands


This is the page for local information for the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry which will take place on 10 – 14 July 2023 at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
For information regarding speakers and the program please visit the main conference page hosted by SIAM.



The conference will take place at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the city of Eindhoven, North Brabant.

Talks will be given at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in various rooms, mostly in the Auditorium and Atlas buildings.

Information of how to reach TU/e is available here. A campus map in pdf format is also available from that site. The TU/e campus is very compact and close to the city center, just north of the train station (the station is at the bottom left of the map).

Please budget some time on the first day to pick up your name tag and conference gifts. One of the gifts is a thermos mug which you will need for the coffee breaks as we will not provide single-use cups. We will be ready for you starting at 08:00 in the Auditorium building to get you to the talk on time. Please enter Auditorium through the "onderwijs ingang" (teaching entrance) to the upper level. This is entrance 13 if you come from the parking lot on the north (see picture) and entrance 14 if you come from the city/train station side on the south (see picture). An elevator is on the east side (the narrow side) of the building, visible on both pictures). Take the elevator to the first floor to reach us. There is a separate elevator on the west side on this floor to take you to the Blauwe Zaal where we have the plenary lectures.
If you arrive after 09:00 we will have moved all remaining name tags and goodies to the 'registratie balie', a reception desk on the north west side of the building. Enter through "congress ingang" (congress entrance), which is entrance 6 from the parking lot and entrance 12 from the city side and take 2 flights of stairs up from there. This place is also reachable from the elevator at the east end of the building and is the best place to go to if you need help for anything. On the first day at least one of us will be there at all times, on other days we will staff it for 08:45- 09:30 in the morning and 13:30 - 14:15 in the afternoon. You can reach us electronically via Zulip.


Lecture rooms

Plenary lectures will take place in the Blauwe Zaal which is on the main floor in Auditorium. Mini-symposia and contributed talks will mostly take place in other lecture rooms on floor -1 and 2 in Auditorium and in Altas, see the schedule for details. Auditorium and Atlas are both in quadrant B4 on the campus map. Some lecture rooms are in Alpha (D3), Gemini (C4), and Flux (D4). Atlas, Gemini, and Flux are connected to Auditorium via indoor walkways, getting to Alpha requires some brief time outside.
Please see here for an annotated excerpt of the campus map showing the lecture rooms used for SIAM-AG23.

Floor plans Auditorium

We've made an annotated excerpt of the campus map to help you find the other buildings.
For more information about the buildings at TU/e see here.


WiFi and presentations

All buildings on campus as well as some parts in the inner city of Eindhoven have WiFi access with Eduroam. The lecture rooms also have an open WiFi network for guests; access expires every 4 hours and can be renewed any number of times by accessing the captive portal.

All lecture rooms for the contributed talks are equipped with projectors and a built-in computer. We would like you to use the built-in computer to minimize time for switching between presentations and will post URLs for speakers to upload their slides on the Zulip server for the conference. As a backup you can bring your own laptop. The rooms have a selection of adapters. All projectors support full-size HDMI connectors. We have emailed speaker instructions to all registered participants. These include instructions for remote as well as in-person attendees giving presentations.
Registered participants will receive the URLs for access to the streams for watching the lectures on 6 or 7 July..


Eindhoven guide

The Convention Bureau Brainport Eindhoven composed some information about the city and what to do.
We put together our own recommendations for what to do outside the conference time and where to find food on and off campus in this guide.


Travel and Visas

Check out the official government page first to see whether you need a visa (search for the "Do I need a visa?" section).
If you require a letter of invitation from TU/e please contact Heloise Vieira, our project leader, at secdm@tue.nl. If you require a letter from SIAM please check the lodging and support/general information page.

Eindhoven has direct train connections to Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam, and Den Haag to the north/west and to Venlo and Maastricht to the east/south. The closest airports are Eindhoven airport, Rotterdam airport and Schiphol (Amsterdam airport); these can be reached by public transportation. Weeze is reachable by car.

Some years ago all public transportation got unified to accept a form of electronic payment, the OV Chipcard. While the card is quite famous in crypto and security as a subject of research, it can also be used for public transportation. The card costs 7.50 EUR but saves you 1 EUR on every train ride (fee for the paper card) and around 1.50 EUR for short bus rides. You need to check in at the start of your journey and out at the end of it. Fees are based on distance. You can buy the cards in Schiphol airport and in every train station.

Amsterdam airport to Eindhoven

Eindhoven is about 1.5 hours by train from Schiphol (Amsterdam airport), the biggest airport in the Netherlands with good connections to everywhere in the world. The airport has a train station (called Schiphol) and direct trains serve Eindhoven twice per hour during daytime; there are also two rides per hour involving a change in Utrecht.
Train tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines in the main hall of the train station. There are also some in the luggage hall, so you can make use of the time waiting for your luggage. There is also a ticket office in the central hall of the station, but they charge extra for serving you.
Single-ride tickets cost 1 EUR extra. You can take trains using the OV chip card. Cards are available at the station as well. A card costs 7.50 EUR + fare; you need to have at least 20 EUR on them in order to take trains. This only pays off if you intend to take many train rides or use buses.
The Dutch train company http://www.ns.nl/en sells online e-tickets which do not incur the extra 1 EUR fee for the single-ride ticket. You are not bound to the time slot that you selected but to the date and the routing. If you approximately know when you will arrive buying one of these in advance (or on your phone with internet) will save you the wait at the ticket machines.

Eindhoven airport

Eindhoven also has its own airport which is served by some low-cost airlines. From the arrival hall at Eindhoven airport you can walk to the bus stop. With bus no 400, starting at Eindhoven Airport, Eindhoven Central station is accessible in 21 minutes (and 24 min for bus 401). You can buy a ticket in the bus or use an OV chip card.

International trains to Eindhoven

For international train tickets check out https://www.nsinternational.nl/en. Sometimes https://www.bahn.com/en/ offers better prices (or credit card fees).

Local transportation

Details on public transportation can be found at http://9292.nl/en. Note that you can search for connections between street addresses. TU/e is very close to the train station and city center, so likely you won't need to take any bus in Eindhoven.

Travel by car

It is possible to park on campus for a fee, but parking space is limited. Most Dutch cities are now an environmental zone which means that the vehicles need to adhere to some requirements; this is mostly an issue for Diesel engines. That said, Dutch cities are making efforts to be less car friendly, adding one-way streets, bus-only streets, and bumpers to make driving more cumbersome.
Should you nevertheless choose to drive be aware that most cyclists expect to have the right of way, be particularly alert when turning as there is likely a bike lane next to you.

Travel by bike

For the real Dutch experience you may wish to rent a bike. Some hotels and Airbnb accommodations offer bikes and there is a bike-rental scheme linked to the OV chipcards, though this does require registration in advance.
Most drivers are aware that cyclists are the kings of the roads and deserve respect and priority, but you might encounter tourists in their cars, so please pay attention when streets cross your bike path.

Make sure to always lock your bike, the joke that people spend more on their locks than on their bikes is not really a joke. There are lots of parking lots available for bikes, incl. bike racks with 2 full levels, and there is parking at level -1 at Auditorium. In July the semester is over so there should be less pressure on those spaces. Make sure not to park at places where it's forbidden. The city is fast at cutting locks and removing bikes and then you have to pay a fee to get your bike back and the expensive lock is broken.



The poster panels are 0,95 x 2,25m. The space that can be used is 0,90x2,20m, so A0 posters in portrait mode will fit. Participants with accepted posters should prepare their posters to fit these dimensions.



We acknowledge support by the following organizations (in alphabetical order):

4TU-AMI logo4TU.AMI (Applied Mathematics Institute)
Birkauser logoBirkhäuser Science
DIAMANT logoDIAMANT – Discrete, Interactive and Algorithmic Mathematics, Algebra and Number Theory
EHCI logoEindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute
Eindhoven University of Technology logoDiscrete Mathematics cluster at TU/e
MCS logoDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science
NSF logoNational Science Foundation
NWO logoNederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek
NYM Technologies logoNYM Technologies SA
PWN logoPlatform Wiskunde Nederland
PQShield logoPQShield
SandboxAQ logoSandboxAQ
SIAMSociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Springer Nature logoSpringer Nature

Please contact Tanja Lange at tanja@hyperelliptic.org if you consider supporting SIAM AG23



The conference is over, registration is closed.

The rates for regular registration (starting 12 June 18:01 UTC) were:

Student, member of SIAM 145 EUR
Student, not member of SIAM 155 EUR
Regular, member of SIAM-AG2 225 EUR
Regular, member of SIAM but not of AG2 240 EUR
Regular, not member of SIAM 310 EUR
Online participation 105 EUR

Early registration ended on 12 June at 18:00 UTC. After that the regular registration fees were charged (increased by 25 EUR for students and online participants and by 50 EUR for regular participants). Registration closed after 30 June (anywhere on earth).

Cancellation requests must be made in writing or email to the conference general chair. Those received by 10 June will receive a full refund less 10 EUR to cover credit card fees. No refunds will be made for cancellations after this date.
Registration will close on 30 June.

The registration fee covers all lectures (online and in person) and access to the chat server for the conferences. Registrations for in-person attendance include also two coffee breaks daily and a reception on 10 July. Lunches are not included.



For general inquiries please contact:
Alberto Ravagnani Rob Eggermont Tanja Lange Heloise Vieira
a.ravagnani at tue.nl R.H.Eggermont at tue.nl tanja at hyperelliptic.org secdm at tue.nl

All at
Discrete Mathematics Cluster
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
5600MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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