Workshop program

Session 1 Start End Chair Title
short Intro 09:00 09:30 Miroslaw  
Keynote 09:30 10:30   Cooperative vehicle automation: Safety aspects and control software architecture
BY Jeroen Ploeg
Coffee 10:30 11:00    
Session 2        
  11:00 11:30 Yanja Containerized Development and Microservices for Self-Driving Vehicles: Experiences & Best Practices
 BY Christian Berger, Björnborg Nguyen and Ola Benderius
11:30 12:00   Stakeholder Impact on the Software Architecture of Intelligent Transport Systems Implementations
BY Jeroen Redegeld, Pieter J. L. Cuijpers and Johan J. Lukkien
12:00 12:30   Measure and Improve Software Reliability using Assessment Techniques (Industrial Paper)
BY Egbert Touw
Lunch 12:30 14:00    
Session 3        
  14:00 14:30 Yanja Extending ExSched with Mixed Criticality support – an experience report
BY Tarun Gupta, Martijn M.H.P. Van Den Heuvel, Erik J. Luit and Reinder J. Bril
14:30 15:00   Towards Industry 4.0: Gap Analysis between Current Automotive MES and Industry Standards using Model-Based Requirement Engineering
BY Manoj Kannan Soundarapandian, Kunal Suri, Juan Cadavid, Ion Barosan, Mark van den Brand, Mauricio Alferez and Sebastien Gerard
Discussion 15:00 15:30 Miroslaw & Yanja  
Coffee 15:30 16:00