SET seminar

Course code: 2IS95 (OWInfo description can be found here).

Time and location: Tuesday, 15:45-17:30 (7th and 8th hour) and Friday, 8:45-10:30 (1st and 2nd hour), at Potentiaal 2.19 (plan).
Target audience: Master (CSE, ES, BIS) students interested in Software Engineering. Students intending to work on their graduation project with Software Engineering & Technology as specialisation are expected to participate in the seminar.
Responsible lecturer: Alexander Serebrenik
Submission: Peach

Background information on the course:

This SET seminar has several purposes:

At the end of the seminar we expect that you are able to perform: If you do your Master Thesis project related to the Software Engineering and Technology specialisation, you can use this seminar to prepare yourself by choosing scientific papers related to the topic of your thesis.

The SET seminar consists of compulsory meetings. Frequency and the exact schedule of the meetings will depend on the number of participants.

Assignments and grading Focus of the seminar is on conducting a small independent study and presenting its results orally and in writing. MDSE/SET staff members and/or PhD students will act as supervisors of the study. You are expected to choose the topic of your study and get it approved by a staff member and the responsible lecturer.

The final grade = 0.15 * P2 + 0.3 * O2 + 0.4 * W2 + 0.075 * RW + 0.025 * RP + 0.025 * RO1 + 0.025 * RO2.

All written assignments should be submitted via Peach not later than midnight (Eindhoven time) of the stated date. When you register for the course via OASE, you will automatically be added to the course in Peach.

Choosing a research topic: Research proposal
You will conduct a mini-research either related to the themes presented by the staff or related to your MSc project. You have to find the relevant papers, write a report on these papers based on some by yourself formulated research proposition. There is no minimal number of papers you have to read. Details concerning the P assignment can be found in Peach. You are expected to regularly meet with your supervisor to keep track of your progress.

Oral presentations
You will give two presentations at the seminar. The first one (O1) will be part of a mini-workshop which is meant to present an initial idea for your research proposal before writing it down. This presentation should take 5 minutes, and will not be graded. It allows the audience to give early feedback and pointers. In the second presentation (O2), you will present the findings of your research. This should take 30 minutes. After this presentation, the audience will get an opportunity to ask questions and provide the presenter with feedback.

Writing an essay
The essay should be at least 10 pages. If the selected topic is related to the MSc project, the written report could be the related work section or the feasibility study of the final thesis.

Reviewing a paper / presentation (Use this form to review each other's presentations)

November 11Alexander SerebrenikIntroduction (1, 2)
November 14No class
November 18No class
November 18Deadline Research proposal submissions (P1) - preliminary version
November 21No class
November 21Deadline for the review of another student's proposal (RP)
November 25Marijn de GraafThe influence of properties of open source projects on its popularity with developers
 Robbert JongelingThe effect of Q&A websites on developers
 Zhuoao (Luna) LiSafety case modularity and reuse
 Stef van SchuylenburgBuild Breakage on Continuous Integration Systems
 Jaap StelmaIdentifying safety metrics for the Automotive Domain (distributed per mail)
 Maikel StenekerUse of assertions to improve code quality
 Jules WulmsEfficiency of Generalised LL Parsing
 Jia ZhangReuse and Modularity in Development of DSLs (distributed per mail)
November 25Upload your mini-workshop slides (O1) in Peach
November 28No class
November 30Deadline Research proposal submissions (P2) - final version
December 2
December 5
December 9
December 12
December 16
December 19No class
January 6Jules WulmsO2 We will start at 16:10 instead of 15:45
 Maikel StenekerO2
January 6Deadline for the written assignment (W) - preliminary version
January 9Robbert JongelingO2
 Stef van SchuylenburgO2
January 13Zhuo ao LiO2
 Marijn de GraafO2
January 16Jia ZhangO2
 Jaap StelmaO2
January 17Deadline for the review of another student's work (RW)
February 1Deadline for the written assignment (W) - final version