MPyC: Secure Multiparty Computation in Python

From VIFF, via TUeVIFF, to MPyC, launched on Wednesday May 30, 2018 at the Theory and Practice of Multiparty Computation (TPMPC) 2018 workshop in Aarhus, Denmark.

See MPyC--Python Package for Secure Multiparty Computation (PDF Slides) for some background information.

Use pip install mpyc for version 0.5 (March 10, 2019) of MPyC on PyPI.

Use pip install git+ to get the latest version from GitHub (v0.5.5 as of May 13, 2019).

See for source code and demos (Python scripts as well as Jupyter notebooks).

Check out this cool YouTube video on MPC by TNO to see where the MPyC logo comes from!

Try it out in the cloud!

Run MPyC without installing anything by running a Jupyter notebook in your browser with Binder:
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