Jan Friso Groote

Courses (the course System Validation is available on Coursera. This book supports the course).
An mCRL2 information page.
Master thesis assignments.
Curriculum Vitae.
The concurrency mailing list.
A high resolution portrait photo.
Inaugural lecture at Eindhoven University of Technology (in Dutch).
The propositional theorem prover HeerHugo.

E-mail: J.F.Groote@tue.nl

Prof.dr.ir. J.F. Groote
Formal System Analysis.
Section Model Driven Software Engineering.
Department of Computer Science.
Eindhoven University of Technology,
Metaforum room 6.079b Den Dolech 2
P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 40 - 2475003
Mob. +31 6 - 81922128
Tel. +31 40 - 2475145 (Secretary)

Hoekstraat 56
5674 NP Nederwetten
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 40 - 2845414
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