Jesper Nederlof.

Assistant Professor in the Discrete Mathematics group at TU/e.

Spare time

On this page I list some personal stuff I'd like to share. The remainder of this page mostly concerns my hobbies.

Guitar playing

My biggest hobby is guitar playing or music in general. I like many styles but am in particular fond of flamenco and gypsy jazz. Two big heroes for me are Paco de Lucia and Django Reinhardt. Here is a soundcloud and youtube fragment where I play flamenco:
And here is some more gypsy-jazz like playing. The second one is with Thomas van Dijk.


I already play chess for a long time, but became less serious about it as time passes. I played many tournaments but my two best results where both at the Dutch youth national rapid chess championships, which were incidentally held at TU/e. I became first in both editions. In case you're here to prepare for a match against me, you can find some of my chess games here.

Puzzle Game

All the way back in 2001 when I was still in high school I made a puzzle game called `Gangetje'. Unfortunately it's only in Dutch and requires windows but it can still be downloaded here. It contains 44 reasonably challenging levels. Here is a screenshot:


I'm a big fan of the dutch comic `Dirk-Jan'. A sample follows below. Freely translated, it says: `It's interesting to see how dinosaurs adjust themselves in order to survive. The Brachiosaurus relies on its big size, and therefore has few enemies. The Stegosaurus is smaller but has scary spikes, so no other animal will even try to eat it. By the way, I'm curious how long the taartosaurus will last. '