Martijn Anthonissen


I am a mathematician and work at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands.

Many things in the world around us can be described with mathematical models. These equations are usually too difficult to solve exactly, but it is possible to solve them numerically. This field is called numerical mathematics or scientific computing. Computer simulations offer a new way to approach science in addition to theory and experiments.

I work in the Computational Illumination Optics group at TU/e. The basic goal in illumination optics is to design an optical system that turns a given light source and into a desired light output. Typical applications are LED lighting, road lights and car headlights.

The industry standard is to design an optical system, use ray tracing to test it, change the design, ray trace and so on. This is quite a slow process.

Our group develops inverse methods that directly compute the required optical system. Our methods are based on advanced physical models describing the interaction of light with lenses and reflectors. The ultimate goal is to develop advanced simulation tools that can be used for virtual prototyping.

For more info see the research section of our group's website.

Our group is a part of the Center for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications.

For a list of publications, see my profile at TU/e.


I teach many courses at TU/e, both for maths students and students from other departments. The videos I made for Numerical Linear Algebra are available on YouTube. Some nice applications are shown in Maths can teach a computer to recognize faces, Making sound visible and Recognizing digits written by hand.

Making videos for online teaching costs quite a bit of time but it is fun too. I mirror my iPad screen to my computer and use the excellent free OBS Studio software for recording. I can easily switch between slides and webcam or show both at the same time. I import slides in GoodNotes on iPad to present and use my pencil as both a pointer and for writing by hand.

OBS not only features recording videos. It can also be used to live stream on YouTube.

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