Mykola Pechenizkiy

Full Professor, Chair Data Mining,
Department of Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)

Adjunct Professor (Dosentti) in Data Mining for Industrial Applications
at the Department of Mathematical Information Technology, University of Jyvaskyla (JYU)

Postal address: Data Mining group, W&I, TU/e, P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, the Netherlands;
Visiting address: Office MF 7.100 in MetaForum, De Groene Loper 5, 5612 AZ Eindhoven (see it on Google Maps)
Tel: +31 40 247 2733 (secretary)
Fax: +31(0)40 246 3992

Curriculum Vitae, Publications and Recent Talks

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Visitors to our group

  • If you have travel funding and want to collaborate with us on a project, please e-mail me the details.
  • We also often have some funding for short and medium term visiting PhD/Postdoc researchers interested in currently

Research Interests

  • data science, knowledge discovery and data mining
  • responsible analytics (fairness, accountability and transparency)
  • context-aware predictive analytics
  • handling concept drift and reoccurring contexts
  • automation of feature construction
  • analytics on evolving networks

Data Mining Application Areas

DSC/e, Nationally- and EU-funded Projects (full list of projects)

(Co-) Supervision

  • Postdocs
    • dr. Niek Bouman (May 2017 - Dec 2019), Data mining with secure computations (H2020 SODA project)
    • dr. Samaneh Khoshrou (June 2017 - June 2020), RATE-Analytics
    • dr. Firat Ismailoglu (Feb 2017 - Sep 2017), Retail analytics (with Philips Lighting)
    • dr. Anne Driemel (Apr 2014 - Dec 2014), Context-Aware Predictive Web Analytics (now Assistant Professor in the Data Mining group)
    • dr. Jeroen De Knijf (Mar 2012 - Dec 2013), Context-Aware Predictive Web Analytics (now Researcher at AVG Technologies)
    • dr. Evgeny Knutov (Jan 2012 - Dec 2013), Co-evolving Document collections & Knowledge structures (now works hard on a startup)
    • dr. Indre Zliobaite (Apr - Nov, 2010), Context-Aware Predictive Analytics (now Research Scientist at Aalto University, Finland)
    • dr. Wauter Bosma (Mar - Dec, 2011), Co-evolving Document collections & Knowledge structures (now with Netherlands Forensic Institute)
  • PhD Candidates
    • Negar Ahmadi (started Jan 2016) Complex Brain Networks Analytics
    • Guido Budziak (started Jan 2010; part-time), Data-Driven Decision Making with Web Analytics
    • Alexandr Maslov (started Aug 2011), Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (together with T. Karkkainen and P. De Bra)
    • Felipe Masculo (started July 2016), Model adaptation (together with P. De Bra and M. Petkovic)
    • Iftitahu Nimah (started 2017), Deep Learning for Text Mining (together with V. Menkovski)
    • Yulong Pei (started Sep 2015), Graph Evolution Mining (together with G. Fletcher)
    • Erik Tromp (started Sep 2013; part-time), Authorship Profiling
    • Du Xin (started Jan 2017) Exceptional Mobility Mining (together with W. Duivesteijn)
    • Oren Zeev Ben Mordehai (started Jan 2017) Transparency of Predictive Models (together with W. Duivesteijn)
    • Simon van der Zon (started Jan 2017) Interactive Predictive Analytics (together with W. Duivesteijn)
    • Anil Yaman (started Nov 2015), (together with G. Fletcher and Matt Coler)
    • Jianpeng Zhang (started Nov 2014), Stream Clustering (together with G. Fletcher )
    • Completed: Jorn Bakker (2012), Evgeny Knutov (2012), David Smits (2012), Julia Kiseleva (2016), Alejandro Montes Garcia (2017)
  • PDEng Candidates (OOTI)
    • Luc de Smet (Jan-Sep 2016): Impromptu: A flexible data analysis platform (Oce, supervised together with Rob kersemakers and Edy Klomp), expected by October 2016
    • Panagiotis Thomaidis (Jan-Sep 2014): An Extensible Architecture for Easy Integration of Clinical & Telehealth Data (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Helen Schonenberg and Charalampos Xanthopoulakis)
    • Fanis Grollios (Jan-Sep 2012): Nano-scale 3D Image Reconstruction and Analysis (FEI, supervised together with dr. Remco Schoenmakers)
    • Catharina Ibrahim (Jan-Sep 2011): Web Enabled Education and Coaching Service (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Wim Stut)
  • Master projects & Internships in 2016-2017 (complete list for 2007-2017)
    • E.J.T.G. van der Burgt Real estate price prediction, expected by March 2017
    • Vincent van Bergen Realtime bidding, (Targetcircle, supervised together with dr. Heiko Hildebrandt), expected by December 2016
    • Robbert Raats Water usage profiling with pattern matching, (Betabit and LevenIsWater, supervised together with Auke van Balen) expected by December 2016
    • Roy Haanen Predicting aircraft time to fly profile on final approach, (Aerospace Operations Safety Institute (AOSI) of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), supervised together with G.B. van Baren), October 2016
    • Hao Zhang Consumer insights analytics: air purifier use case (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Qi Gao and Mark Graus), October 2016
    • Adam Zika Identification of lead users on social media (, supervised together with dr. Sarah Gelper and dr. Jorn Bakker), October 2016
    • Edward Brinkmann Improving the search engine user experience, October 2016
    • Rosa Sicilia Information diffusion in social media, (external MSc from U. Rome, supervised together with Yulong Pei and Paolo Soda), October 2016
    • Stella Lo Giudice Information diffusion in social media, (external MSc from U. Rome, supervised together with Yulong Pei and Paolo Soda), October 2016
    • Bob Giesbers Association rule mining of student grades, a Grammar Guided Genetic Programming approach, September 2016
    • Simon van der Zon Predictive Performance and Discrimination in Unbalanced Classification, September 2016
    • Dennis Eikelenboom Enterprise resource demand prediction through mining of sales data, (Microsoft), September 2016
    • Cas Hariri Data mining for understanding and optimizing building energy efficiency, (COFELY GDF-SUEZ), September 2016
    • Yangfengfan Zhang Philips Hue data analytics, (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Pierluigi Casale), August 2016
    • Daniel Duwaer Self-learning adaptive traffic regulation and management, expected by August 2016
    • Laavanyaa Balasubramanian Hospital workflow data analytics (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Supriyo Chatterjea), July 2016
    • Fengjun Wang on predictive/proactive maintenance service (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Kees Wouters), July 2016
    • Harm Eggels Expected Goals in Soccer: Explaining Match Results using Predictive Analytics (PSV, supervised together with Ruud van Elk), August 2016
    • Koen Vrijdag Auction Price Prediction: Real Estate Value Prediction: An Instance-Transfer Learning approach, July 2016
    • Stijn Hoogervorst Inferring Demographics of Website Visitors with Supervised Learning, Adversitement BV, July 2016
    • Fangjing Wu Intelligent strategies to learn and recognise lifestyle patterns, (IMEC, supervised together with dr. Giuseppina Schiavone), June 2016
    • Simon Nouwens Web user behavior profiling (, supervised together with dr. Martijn Willemsen), May 2016
    • Xu Wang Feature learning for efficient control, (Philips Research, supervised together with dr. Vlado Menkovski), January 2016
  • Honours projects (CSE Masters)
    • Christine Gerpheide and Luc Smet (Apr - Aug 2013): Location-based ranking adjustment
    • Timur Bagautdinov (Nov 2012 - Aug 2013): Managing multiple Ad serving subsystems
    • Wouter Meulemans, Sander Verdonschot, Vincent van der Weele (Sep 2009 - Mar 2010): Time-series characterization for meta-learning

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Professional Activities (2011-2016) (previous years)