• Principal Investigator in the industry-funded project VOICE-B (2018-2023), a project on adding verification technology to Model-Driven Engineering solutions developed at Océ (funded by Océ-Technologies B.V.)
  • Project member/co-applicant in the NWO TOP-C1 project AVVA (2018-2022), a project on accelerating verification and verifying algorithms for verification.
  • Project leader in the industry-funded follow-up on VICTORIA, 2016 (funded by Verum B.V.)
  • Principal Investigator in the EU-FP7 TETRACOM project VICTORIA (2014-2015), a project on connecting mCRL2 to Dezyne, an MDE solution.
  • Principal Investigator in the NWO-project VOCHS (2010-2013), a project on verifying the control software of the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (CERN), using the framework of parameterised Boolean equation systems.
  • Principal Investigator in the NWO-project COMFORTS (2006-2009), a project on verification of data-dependent and real-time systems using parameterised Boolean equation systems.
  • Project leader of Line of Attention 3 on Model-Based Testing Methodology within the SenterNovem-project TANGRAM (2004-2008) on Model-Based Testing, Integration and Diagnosis