Review Checklist for Architectural Design Document

This checklist is NOT intended as a starting point to write a document.
It does NOT necessarily cover all aspects relevant for this type of document.
This checklist is intended only as an aid in checking a completed document.

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  1. Is the software architecture as simple as possible (but no simpler)?
  2. Is the relationship to the software requirements clearly explained and motivated?
  3. Is the architecture complete?
  4. Are the component descriptions sufficiently precise?
  5. Are the relationships between the components explicitly documented?
  6. Is the proposed solution realizable?
  7. Are all revelevant architectural views documented?
  8. Are cross-cutting issues clearly and generally resolved?
  9. Is all formalized material and diagrammatic material accompanied by sufficient explanatory text in natural language?
  10. Are design decisions documented explicitly and motivated?
  11. Have alternative architectures been sketched and has their evaluation been documented?
  12. Is the flexibility of the architecture demonstrated?
  13. Are exploratory prototypes described for those areas where the project team lacks experience? (In appendices.)

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