Quantitative Formal Methods





Workshop on

Quantitative Formal Methods:

Theory and Applications

- workshop of FM 2009 -

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

November 3rd, 2009


Accepted papers

(in alphabetical order of the first author's name)

List of Regular papers and abstracts

Israa AlAttili, Fred Houben, Georgeta Igna, Steffen Michels, Feng Zhu and Frits Vaandrager Adaptive Scheduling of Data Paths using Uppaal Tiga   
Marco Bernardo Testing Equivalence and Exponentially Timed Internal Actions
Ukachukwu Ndukwu Proof-Based Verification With Model Checking For Probabilistic Systems    
Mathijs Schuts, Feng Zhu, Faranak Heidarian and Frits Vaandrager Modelling Clock Synchronization in the Chess gMAC WSN Protocol
Nikola Trcka Strong, Weak and Branching Bisimulation for Transition Systems and Markov Reward Chains: A Unifying Matrix   
Hao Wang and Wendy MacCaull Verifying Real-Time Systems using Explicit-time Description Methods


List of Short papers and abstracts

Zoe Andrews Towards a Stochastic Event-B for Designing Dependable Systems   
Federico Buti, Massimo Callisto De Donato, Flavio Corradini, Maria Rita Di Berardini and Walter Volgler Evaluating the Efficiency of Asynchronous Systems with FASE
Savas Konur Real-time System Specification with a Decidable Temporal Logic   
Laura Panizo, Maria del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino and Antonio Linares Integration of Quantitative Aspects into SPIN to Develop a Decision Support Tool for Dam


Submission guidelines for the authors for the final version

QFM’09 will publish informal workshop pre-proceedings and EPTCS post-workshop proceedings The regular papers will be included in both proceedings. Short papers will be included in the pre-proceedings only. The authors should follow the instructions below when preparing  camera-ready version:

1. The deadline to submit your paper is October 2
2. Please take the comments of the reviewers into account to improve your paper. If required, you can extend the length of your contribution up to 13 pages max (including possible appendixes) for the regular papers and 5 pages max for the short paper.
3. Use the EPTCS style for formatting your paper. Please do not modify anything in the EPTCS style file.
4. Use the Easychair QFM'09 Conference Service for sending us the paper,

     • ZIP or TGZ file containing the source latex files should be submitted via the ``conference’’ option in the menu
     • PDF of the final version should be submitted via the ``proceedings’’ option in the menu.

Submissions deviating from these instructions may not be included in the proceedings. One of the authors have to attend the workshop to give the presentation. Authors of selected papers will be invited after the workshop to submit an extended version for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming - Elsevier. Any questions regarding the submission guidelines should be directed to the Program Committee Chair Suzana Andova or Anabelle McIver prior to submitting.