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The Eindhoven Institute for the Protection of Systems and Information (Ei/PSI) organizes a 1-day event on Security in Times of Surveillance on Monday, 29 May 2017. The event will take place at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in the Blauwe Zaal. It features 7 invited talks covering technical as well as legal and political aspects of security and surveillance. The event will close with a screening of The Vula Connection, the story of secret communications in the anti-apartheid struggle.

The Cryptomuseum has several encryption Logo - cryptomuseum machines on display in the MetaForum building for the whole month. On the day of this event they will bring some extra machines to the Auditorium building (where the event takes place) and participants can visit them during the breaks.

Information of how to reach TU/e is available here. The Blauwe Zaal is at at the center of the Auditorium building, building 1 (in quadrant A4) on the campus map.

Information such as slides and videos from past edition of Security in Times of Surveillance can be found at the 2016 page, the 2015 page, and the 2014 page.

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Download the poster for the event in A4 format.


The event is now over.


Please note that due to flight delays we needed to adjust the schedule. This is the updated schedule
09:00Registration opens
09:25Opening remarks
09:30Arjen Kamphuis
The IT of Another Europe, building systems we can trust again
10:15Judith Sargentini
European decision-making on data sharing and data protection: state of play
11:00 Coffee break
11:30Phil Rogaway
Can Cryptography Frustrate Fascism?
12:15Daniel J. Bernstein
Thomas Jefferson and Apple versus the FBI
13:00Lunch break
14:30Bill Binney
Mass Surveillance
15:15Tim Jenkin
How apartheid was defeated by secret communications
16:00Coffee break
16:30Luca Allodi
Threat modelling (at time of surveillance). An economic perspective on attack engineering and deployment
17:00Film screening
The Vula Connection

Invited speakers:

Scientific organizers:

Local organizers:

  • Anita Klooster
  • Tanja Lange


Please treat each other with respect.

Please do not take pictures of anybody without prior consent; per se that means no crowd shots are possible.

Further information:

For further information, please contact:
Tanja Lange
e-mail: tanja [at] hyperelliptic.org