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Frontiers in Electronic Elections (FEE 2005)

Call for Participation

September 15-16, 2005, Milan, Italy


The workshop is organized by ECRYPT, the European Network of Excellence in Cryptology, and in association with ESORICS 2005, the 10th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security, which takes place September 12-14, in Milan. The workshop is an activity of ECRYPT's PROVILAB, the virtual lab on cryptographic protocols. It follows in the tradition of a series of workshops devoted to cryptographic voting methods, such as WOTE '01 and the 2003 DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Program, incl. some abstracts and presentations are available.


Please visit ESORICS workshops registration page.

Incidentally, you may also want to check out the International Workshop on Mathematics and Democracy: Voting Systems and Collective Choice which is also held in Italy (Erice, Sicily), September 18-23, 2005.

Travel Information

The workshop starts at 9:00am on Thursday, September 15, and ends on Friday, September 16, around lunch. It is held at the Palazzo Greppi, Sala Napoleonica, in downtown Milano, the same venue as ESORICS 2005. Please consult the ESORICS travel page for information.


For some 25 years cryptographers have been proposing electronic voting schemes of ever increasing strength and versatility, dealing with ballot secrecy, election integrity etc., typically viewing the problem as a special case of secure multiparty computation. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, who are working on cryptographic protocols for electronic voting systems, to evaluate the state of the art, to share practical experiences, and to look for possible enhancements. Topics include but are not limited to


The workshop will consist of invited keynote presentations and contributed presentations. There will be no proceedings, but a handout with abstracts will be provided to all participants.

Program Committee

  Christian Cachin (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland)  
  Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)  
  Ron Rivest (MIT, USA)  
  Peter Ryan (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)  
  Berry Schoenmakers (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands)  

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