2IP25: Software Engineering

2011-2012, Quartile 4

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20 Aug 2012 Score break down for resit exam
For personal inspection of your work, make an appointment from Mon 27 Aug.
06 Jul 2012 Score break down
Personal inspection of your work is possible in August.
29 Jun 2012Results for (most) non-CS-bachelor students will be handed in today.
For (most) regular CS-bachelor students, grades will be available next week.
Some notes about grading, and the adjusted final grade algorithm
Score break down: Forms A, B, C, D, G, H; Forms E, F are still being graded
10 Jun 2012Results and feedback for URD assignments are available in peach
29 May 2012On Thu 21 Jun 2012, 10:45-11:30, there will be a Question & Answer session.
Mail me your questions in advance.
26 May 2012No lecture on Tue 29 May 2012.
Read Chapter 12 (on design)
21 May 2012The allocation and material for the assignment is available.
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Target Audience: Third-year Computer Science and Engineering
Concurrent with: Software Engineering Project (2IP35), Software Project Management (2IP45),


Time: Monday 1st and 2nd hour (08:45-10:30) and Thursday 3rd and 4th hour (10:45-12:30), except the 28th of May, that lecture will be on Tuesday the 29th!
Room: Paviljoen J17 (Monday) and Auditorium 16 (Thursday)
Lecturer: Dr.ir. T. (Tom) Verhoeff (t.verhoeff@TUE.NL)
  1. Lecture Mon 23-04-2012: Introduction and Motivation
    Ch.1; additional intro slides
  2. Lecture Thu 26-04-2012: Requirements Engineering
    Ch.1 and Ch.3; RE slides (Ch.9); additional RE slides
  3. Lecture Thu 03-05-2012: Requirements Engineering/Configuration Management
    Configuration Management [on the site of Hans van Vliet]; additional CM slides (Ch.4); Kano Model (Wikipedia)
  4. Lecture Mon 07-05-2012: Engineering and Errors; Quality (Ch.6)
    On Managing Software Quality [on the site of Hans van Vliet]; additional Quality slides
  5. Lecture Thu 10-05-2012: Modeling (Ch.10)
    Modeling [on the site of Hans van Vliet];
  6. Lecture Mon 14-05-2012: Software Architecture (Ch.11)
    additional architecture slides
  7. Lecture Mon 21-05-2012: Software Architecture (Ch.11, continued)
    Architecture [on the site of Hans van Vliet];
    Slides for Quality Attribute Scenarios
    Understanding Quality Attributes (Ch.4 from Software Architecture in Practice, 2nd Ed., by L. Bass, P. Clements, R. Kazman)
  8. Lecture Thu 24-05-2012: Software Design (Ch.12)
  9. Lecture Thu 31-05-2012: Software Design (Ch.12, continued)
  10. Lecture Mon 04-06-2012: Software Process Models (Ch.3 continued)
    Software Life Cycle [on the site of Hans van Vliet];
    David Lorge Parnas and Paul C. Clements. ``A Rational Design Process: How and Why to Fake It''. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 12(2):251-256 (Feb. 1986).
    Spiral model, Software Engineering Process Metamodeling (also see: workflow management, case handling)
  11. Lecture Thu 07-06-2012: Cost Estimation (Ch.7)
    Cost Estimation [on the site of Hans van Vliet];
  12. Lecture Mon 11-06-2012: Software Maintenance (Ch.14)
    Maintenance slides
  13. Lecture Thu 14-06-2012: Software Testing (Ch.13)
    Software Testing [on the site of Hans van Vliet; excl. slides 25-55];

  1. Required book:
    Hans van Vliet
    Software Engineering: Principles and Practice (Third Edition).
    Wiley, 2008.
    Additional material by the author
  2. See references for further literature.
  3. You are encouraged to consult the (now superseded but still quite accessible and concise) Software Engineering Standard PSS-05-0 of the European Space Agency. There are also accompanying ''SE Guides''.
    [Local copies]

  1. Written part: closed-book exam
  2. Weighing: 70% written exam, 30% practical assignment