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Tegen sommige van bovengenoemde risico's (schade door ongeluk, diefstal)gif kan men zich verzekeren, hoewel de premies er niet om liegen. De standaard TUE reisverzekering dekt maar 50% van de aanschafkosten. Een verzekering dekt natuurlijk geen verlies van gegevens, wat nogmaals het belang van backups onderstreept. In [Neg95] vertelt Negroponte:

english I recently visited the headquarters of one of America's top five integrated circuit manufacturers. I was asked to sign in and, in the process, was asked whether I had a laptop computer with me. Of course I did. The receptionist asked for the model and serial number and for its value. ``Roughly, between one and two million dollars,'' I said. ``Oh, that cannot be, sir,'' she replied. ``What do you mean? Let me see it.'' I showed her my old PowerBook and she estimated its value at $2,000. She wrote down that amount and I was allowed to enter the premises. The point is that while the atoms were not worth that much, the bits were almost priceless. dutch

Tom Verhoeff
Thu Nov 27 10:43:46 MET 1997