This webpage contains information about the course 2IM24/2IM25. Documents and results from previous projects can be downloaded.

This year's assignments are variations on the snake game. Each group will be handed a short description of the game variant, but requirements may be added during requirements elicitation.


A Process for 2IM24/2IM25: the description of the process to be used.

Some information on UML diagram elements

Example requirements document

Time Registration Form

Diagram for requirements analysis

Description of the game of Solitaire this will be used for an exercise in modeling and will be distributed on paper before the exercise.


Tom Verhoeff's information about testing is found here.

Any other course materials will be made available through this site.

The zipped results from previous projects can be used as examples for the documents that have to be produced. The projects of 2011 were the games of 4inarow and a variant of Pacman. The project of of 2010 was to implement the game of klaverjassen. In 2009 another Pacman variant was made. The results from 2008 in which two variants of Tetris were made: Etaris and Tetris++ can also be used as examples.

Screen shot of the product from 2009:

Screen shot of one of the products from 2008: