Program – Young Researchers Forum

Listed in no particular order.

  • Experiments on Parallel Polygon Triangulation Using Ear Clipping 
    Günther Eder, Martin Held and Peter Palfrader.

  • Generalized Offsetting Using a Variable-Radius Voronoi Diagram 
    Martin Held, Stefan Huber and Peter Palfrader.

  • Covering Exactly One of Each Pair 
    Gui Citovsky, Joseph Mitchell, Esther Arkin, Aritra Banik, Matthew Katz, Paz Carmi and Marina Simakov.

  • Pose Statistics for Eccentric Parts  
    Fatemeh Panahi, Aviv Adler and A. Frank van der Stappen.

  • Recognizing Weighted and Seeded Disk Graphs 
    Boris Klemz, Martin Nöllenburg and Roman Prutkin.

  • Realization of simply connected polygonal linkages 
    Clinton Bowen, Stephane Durocher, Maarten Löffler, Anika Rounds, André Schulz and Csaba Tóth.

  • Flips in Edge-Labelled Pseudo-Triangulations 
    Prosenjit Bose and Sander Verdonschot.

  • Automatic Proofs for Formulae Enumerating Proper Polycubes 
    Mira Shalah and Gill Barequet.

  • 2048 is NP-Complete 
    Ahmed Abdelrazek, Aditya Acharya and Philip Dasler.

  • Diamonds are a Quiver's Best Friend 
    Clément Maria.

  • Model-based Classification of Trajectories 
    Maike Buchin and Stef Sijben.

  • Drawing Planar Cubic 3-Connected Graphs with Minimal Visual Complexity 
    Alexander Igamberdiev, Wouter Meulemans and André Schulz.

  • The Offset Filtration of Convex Objects 
    Dan Halperin, Michael Kerber and Doron Shaharabani.

  • Clustering time series under the Frechet distance 
    Anne Driemel, Amer Krivosija and Christian Sohler.

  • Subsampling in Smoothed Range Spaces 
    Yan Zheng and Jeff Phillips.

  • A hom-tree lower bound for the Reeb graph interleaving distance 
    Vin de Silva, Elizabeth Munch and Anastasios Stefanou.

  • 1-String B1-VPG Representations of Planar Partial 3-Trees 
    Therese Biedl and Martin Derka.

  • An Optimal Algorithm for Tiling the Plane with a Translated Polyomino 
    Andrew Winslow.

  • On the Hardness of Unlabeled Multi-Robot Motion Planning 
    Kiril Solovey and Dan Halperin.

  • Approximate Diameter with Inexact Input Data 
    Masood Seddighin, Hamid Homapour and Mohammad Ghodsi.

  • Randomized Incremental Construction for the Hausdorff Voronoi Diagram 
    Elena Khramtcova and Evanthia Papadopoulou.