Local Information
This file (hopefully) contains all information which you will need upon your arrival in Eindhoven to find your hotel, the conference, and/or the reception.

An iCal calendar is available here containing the program overview.

The TU Eindhoven is connected to the eduroam network. Connection is good across the entire campus and participants with a eduroam account can directly access it.

Besides EduRoam, participants can make use of the guest network of the TU Eindhoven. To make use of the "guest" network, a guest account should be registered online. Registration should (preferably) be done before the conference.

Presenting facilities
For the SOCG symposium and the Young Researchers Forum fixed laptops will be used to host the presentations. These laptops by default have the following programs installed:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Powerpoint 2010
  • Adobe reader 11.0.10
  • SumatraPDF 3.0
  • Libre office 4.4.3

Presenters will be available for the speakers.

Program Booklet
The Program Booklet can be found here.