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Tomer Ashur, KU Leuven
A tale of two ciphers - the chronology of Simon and Speck in ISO
Simon and Speck have been the center of a small drama when ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 considered adding them to its lightweight block ciphers portfolio per a proposal by the NSA. The drama climaxed last April when 3 years later an expert group within SC 27 voted to reject the ciphers and cancelled the project. The speaker, who was part of this expert group will share his experiences from fighting NSA pressure, and a few lessons he learned about crypto standardization along the way.

Nina Boelsums and Luca van der Kamp
Sleepwet referendum: pushing the privacy debate to the mainstream

Jason A. Donenfeld
Smaller Simpler Core Components: WireGuard, a Secure Network Tunnel
WireGuard is a secure network tunnel – useful for creating VPNs &ndash originally designed for the Linux kernel with a focus on simplicity and auditability. At less than 4000 lines of code, WireGuard is a replacement for OpenVPN and IPsec, and performs better than both. This talk will explore the WireGuard design intentions and how it can be used to secure network segments.

Andrew Keen
Solutions to surveillance capitalism – focusing on regulation, innovation, education, citizen engagement and consumer activism.

Julia Krüger
Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence – A Roadmap for Politics and Society
The talk is first giving an overview about the current state of AI developments and its problems, from a range of perspectives: Tech, law, and business. Second, it will cover current options to shape developments now  - from an interdisiciplinary perspective again, considering e.g. current legislation as well as research available. Third, it will focus on political options to be developed. Although the talk is based on scientific research, it does take a political stance: It transforms the US-led discussion for the European eco-system and focuses on combining interdisciplinary perspectives for real-world solutions to the benefit of people.

Berry Schoenmakers, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
The Great Crypto 2.0 Show: MPC Unleashed

Jan Smits, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
GDPR: Some rights, obligations and fines (at last)
First a number of paradoxes and observations will be dealt with, including how sensors almost 'incarcerate' us. How is a data subject identified under the GDPR? What (types of) data are addressed from a legal point of view. Which parties are addressed by the GDPR? The new privacy regulation is more strict on parties that control and process personal data. That includes substantive fines for parties that do not comply. I will conclude with a number examples related to my university.

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