Internships and master projects

Internships and master projects

New information on projects can be found here.

If you are interested in these projects, please contact Huub van de Wetering or any other member of the Visualization group. Please do not contact external assignment providers directly.

For general information on master projects, please visit this page .

Open projects

  1. [MI.X] opdrachten bij magnaview
  2. [MIF.] Biological Data Visualization
  3. [MI.X] Game development 01/2007
  4. [MI.X] VSTEP: serious games 12/2007
  5. [MI.X] biomedical image analysis at BMT 10/2007
  6. [MI.X] Personal Space Technologies 04/2008
  7. [M.FX] Model Visualization 09/2008
  8. [MI.F] software visualization at LaQuSo 09/2008
  9. [M..F] steam injection 09/2008
  10. [MI.X] Cave: virtual reality 11/2008
  11. [MI.X] Molecular matching in 3D Volumes 03/2009 (information available offline)
  12. [MIF.] Photorealistic Scatterplots 07/2009
  13. [M..X] Het Nieuwe Navigeren 07/2009
  14. [MIF.] Small multiples based GUI for moving object data 07/2009
  15. [M.FX] Visualization of Generic Software Quality Metrics 09/2009
  16. [M..X] Interactive Generation of Statistically Realistic Datasets 01/2010
  17. [.I.X] visualization at Oce 07/2010
M=master project, I=internship, F=at computer science faculty, X=external

Running projects

A=Andrei Jalba, J=Jack van Wijk, M=Michel Westenberg, R Robert van Liere, H=Huub van de Wetering, N=Niels Willems

Finished projects

K=Kees Huizing, F=Frank van Ham, T=Alex Telea