IEEE CIS Task Force on Process Mining

BPI Challenge 2019 Launched

Co-located with the first International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM2019) in Aachen, we organize the 9th International Business Process Intelligence Challenge (BPI Challenge).

This challenge provides participants with a real-life event log, and challenges them to analyze these data using whatever techniques available, focusing on one or more of the process owner’s questions or proving other unique insights into the process(es) captured in the event log.

For the BPI Challenge 2019, we collected data from a large multinational company operating from The Netherlands in the area of coatings and paints and we ask participants to investigate the purchase order handling process for some of its 60 subsidiaries. In particular, the process owner has compliance questions.

The winner in both a student and a regular category will be selected by a jury and a representative of the winning report in each category will be invited to join the conference in Aachen in June 2019 to be present during the conference dinner to receive a certificate.

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