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Eindhoven Discrete Math Seminar

Lectures given in 2002
  • January 16
    • Andries Brouwer

  • January 23
  • January 30
  • February 6
    • Martijn Stam. HEX without a trace

  • February 20
    • Peter Beelen. Baker's theorem from the function field point of view

  • February 27
    • Hans Cuypers. Ideals in the integral octaves
    • Erik Postma. Fon-der-Flaass graphs

  • March 6
    • Arjeh M. Cohen. Pure Artin groups of spherical type
    • Problem session: show that the following game always ends. Suppose n players are sitting at a round table. Precisely n-1 cards are divided amongst them at random. They start acting (playing?) in rounds until each player has at most one card. At each round each player who has more than one card hands one card to each of his/her neighbors.

  • March 27
    • Henny Wilbrink Circulant complex Hadamard matrices
    • Edwin van Dam, Strongly regular decompositions of the complete graph

  • April 10
    • Dié Gijsbers, Brauer and BMW algebras
    • Ruud Pellikaan, The q-th power algorithm for the integral closure

  • April 17
    No seminar on account of Cannon's minicourse in Brussels

  • April 24
    No seminar on account of Lovász' minicourse in Eindhoven

  • May 1
    • Man Nguyen Van Minh, Constructions of Hadamard matrices
    • Hans Zantema, Hardware verification by graph manipulation

  • May 8
    • Don Taylor, Graphs, symmetries and NP-completeness
    • roblem hour. For instance: Prove that the rewrite rule 0011 => 111000 on binary strings leads to a terminating procedure. (submitted by Hans Zantema.)

  • May 29
  • June 5
  • June 12
    • Rudolf Tange, Extremal elements in Lie algebras

  • September 18
    • Andries Brouwer, Polynomial time primality testing, I
    • Arjeh Cohen, Artin groups and BMW algebras

  • September 25
    • Roderik Lindenbergh (Utrecht), Limits of Voronoi diagrams
    • Andries Brouwer, Polynomial time primality testing, II

    October 16
    • Hans Cuypers, Triality and Octaves
    • Bas Lemmens (Eurandom), On the size of the transitive groups of sup-norm isometries

  • October 30
    • Hans Cuypers, Near hexagons and triality
  • November 6
    • Bas Lemmens (Eurandom), On the size of the transitive groups of sup-norm isometries, II
    • Bernhard Mühlherr, Involutions fixing exceptional quadrangles

  • November 13
    • Henny Wilbrink, Difference sets in dihedral groups

  • November 20
    No seminar in view of EIDMA's aio activities of this week

  • November 27
    • Ruud Pellikaan, List decoding by interpolation

  • December 4
    • Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld (MSU, East Lansing), Locally finite simple groups

  • December 11
    • Berry Schoenmakers, Key distribution using the Weil pairing
    • Jaap Top, On the number of points on a planar quartic curve over a finite field