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Eindhoven Discrete Math Seminar

Lectures given in 2009
  • Thursday April 16
    (A) (14:00) Peter Cameron: Synchronization (abstract)
  • May 6
    (A) (13:00) Harmen Bouma: Three scheduling problems that have remained open for many years can be solved polynomially (abstract)
    (A) (14:30) Farzaneh Ramezani: Cospectral mates for some graphs of Johnson Scheme.
    (A) (15:35) Willem Haemers: Divisible Design Graphs.
  • June 3
    (G) (14:30) Andries Brouwer, Peter Csorba: The number of dominating sets of a finite graph is odd
  • June 17
    (A) (15:35) Murat Firat: A MIP-based combinatorial approach for scheduling tasks with skill requirements
  • Wednesday, July 8
    (B) (14:00) Chiky Cheung: Coxeter groups and graphs