Computational Illumination Optics at TU/e

Designing the optical systems of the future


Maikel Bertens, Numerical methods for the hyperbolic Monge-Ampère equation with applications to optical design
Carmela Filosa, Phase space ray tracing for illumination optics
Vì Kronberg, Inverse freeform reflector design with a scattering surface
Corien Prins, Inverse methods for illumination optics
Lotte Romijn, Generated Jacobian equations in freeform optical design: Mathematical theory and numerics
Robert van Gestel, Discontinuous Galerkin methods for Liouville’s equation of geometrical optics
Bart van Lith, Principles of computational illumination optics
Nitin Yadav, Monge-Ampère problems with non-quadratic cost function: Application to freeform optics