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Design Wizard

Design Wizard 2.0 - Settings (first time only)

The Design Wizard is an applet that helps you create a custom two level factorial design. It is written in Java and can also be run as a stand-alone application using Java Web Start. The Design Wizard lets you create a factorial design by specifying design generators and block generators. Alternatively you can select runs and the wizard will search for the corresponding design and/or block generators (if these exist). Finally you can specify a desired resolution, design size and/or estimable and nonnegligible effects. The Design Wizard has an algorithm implemented that will search for the best factorial design that matches your criteria. If you want, you can add replicates and centre points to your design and export it to an Excel file.

There are three ways to run the Design Wizard:

  1. As an applet using the Microsoft Virtual Machine (Windows XP SP2 does not supported this anymore)
  2. As an applet using Sun's Java Plug-in
  3. As a stand-alone application using Sun's Java Web Start
Running the Design Wizard using Web Start is recommended, but you need the Sun Java Runtime Environment (which also contains the Java Plug-in) installed on your system. Now a check is performed which Java versions are installed on your system.

Default Java Version Installed Security Settings Additional Information
Microsoft VM
Sun Java Plug-in
Java Web Start

Run the Design Wizard 2.0

Please select the Design Wizard version that you want to run on this computer. The preferred version is checked by default.
With Microsoft Virtual Machine
With Java Plug-in
With Java Web Start

Remember this setting and do not show this page next time.

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