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Statlab - A Manual for Teachers

In order to get acquainted to Statlab, a manual for students has been written. This manual describes how to install Statlab and how to use it: Statlab Student Manual (PDF)

For teachers a separate document has been written that describes educational aspects of Statlab, extra (hidden) features of Statlab that are useful for teachers. It also contains detailed information about all assignments. Because we do not want this information to be publicly available, it is only available at request to teachers who can identify themselves as teachers (e.g. a link to their homepage).

If you are a teacher and want to give Statlab a try, you can request this document by sending an email to Marko Boon. Please mention your name, the name of your university, your department and some "proof" that you indeed are a teacher. If you have a professional homepage, a link to that homepage is sufficient.

If you are working with Statlab and you are stuck, do not hesitate to ask your questions to Marko Boon. Of course all remarks and requests are also welcome!

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