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Statlab - Features


  • flexible interactive tool for applied statistics courses
  • hides options unless asked for
  • web based, written in Java, freely availably on the Internet
  • multilingual (presently Dutch and English)
  • contains several screening and optimisation case studies
  • automatic grading system by sending an email to the teacher
  • students generally consider using Statlab as a stimulating teaching environment


  • determine the significant factors in a (generally chemical) process
  • generation of two-level factorial designs using Franklin and Bailey's algorithm
  • students must decide on design options, such as fractions, blocks, factor settings, aliasing structure, centre points, replication and randomisation
  • forces students to graphically inspect residuals and identify outliers
  • allows students to ask questions to virtual process engineer


  • uses steepest ascent to find optimal settings for the significant effects
  • forces students to decide on factor settings, type of design, step size, etc.
  • program flow is determined by choices of the student
  • visualisation of fitted response surfaces

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