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List of (mathematical) publications and available preprints.

Algebraic graph theory

A feeble attempt to make the files with Additions and Corrections to `Distance-Regular Graphs' by Brouwer, Cohen and Neumaier (Springer, 1989) available. The source is some troff dialect, with most formatting commands removed. One further correction (PDF). Yet another.

Info on email server (that stopped working mid 2004) with information on distance-regular graphs.

Machine-readable intersection arrays for distance-regular graphs.

Spectra of graphs, extended course notes.

A table of parameters of strongly regular graphs.

A table of parameters of directed strongly regular graphs.

A slowly growing collection of graph descriptions.

All small (0,2)-graphs. And small integral trees. And the known cages.

Counts on the number of cospectral graphs on at most 12 vertices.

Random stuff inspired by Ph.D. / M.Sc. theses of people nearby: Man, Erik, Tim, Ralf, Sander, Jochem ...

Computational complexity

Finding the maximum coclique in a sparse graph. Two examples.

Coding theory

Server for bounds on the minimum distance of q-ary linear codes, q=2,3,4,5,7,8,9. Several other interfaces exist. There are instructions on how to use the email server (that stopped working mid 2004). Plots of the rates of the codes in these tables.

A small table of bounds for binary codes.

A small table of bounds for ternary codes.

Tables for mixed binary/ternary codes.

A small table of bounds for quaternary codes.

A small table of bounds for 5-ary codes.

Bounds on constant weight codes.

Apple-vs-Samsung: a description of the TFCI code used, and the judgment of the The Hague court (Dutch).

Matrices over finite fields

Counting symmetric nilpotent matrices.

Classical invariant theory

Data on invariants of binary forms.


Wetenschap (Dutch).

Eindige meetkunde

Dictaat van Seidel (Dutch).

Computer algebra

Some preliminary lecture notes for a course Computers and Mathematics (Dutch). Includes some ancient PDP8 stuff.

Unix port of the COCO computer algebra system for computations with permutation groups.

Algebra and Geometry

Course 2WF02 / 2WF05. Contact details.

Algebraic Topology

Some preliminary lecture notes.

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Very brief introduction to cardinals and ordinals.


DAM course notes.

Prijsvraag | Contest

Eindejaars Prijsvraag 2000 | End-of-Year Contest 2000. And a discussion of the problem.

Eindejaars Prijsvraag 2001 | End-of-Year Contest 2001.

Eindejaars Prijsvraag 2002 | End-of-Year Contest 2002.

Games and Puzzles

An applet to play a Japanese puzzle and a somewhat larger version. (In Japan this game is called "Paint by Numbers". The very good site of Mitsuhiro Kajitani doesn't seem to exist anymore.)

Remarks on how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

An applet to play a puzzle that is sometimes called Button Madness, and some numerical info. Also Lights Out! (Knuth's perfect parity patterns) with an extensive table of periods.

The 0-person game of Sandpile, or Chip Firing.

The game of Chomp. And an applet.

And a NIM applet.

Who can construct a Benjamin Franklin magic square of order 12?

Go and Linux

Een Go stelling.

Some SGF utils, such as sgftopng.

The Hikarunix Linux distribution.


Linux and other computer related information (such as a list of all known DOS partition types, or the instruction set of the 8051 microprocessor). OpenMP, the easiest way to use a multi-CPU machine. Archives with early Linux stuff (kernels up to 2.2.20, libc2, libc4, libc5, etc.).


ING en veiligheid.

Installation and security of ADSL and Alcatel Speed Touch ethernet modem.

The password algorithm.

How to decrypt the Dutch telephone CD-ROM, a story (Dutch) and programs (C)

John the Ripper, a password cracker.

Recht en samenleving

Een verzameling Nederlandse wetten. Het proces Stern vs. Brouwer.

Levenslang voor Lucia de B vanwege foutieve kansberekening.

The Pirate Bay - meer foutieve kansberekening.




Removed by TUE censorship - moved to xs4all.
The TUE was unhappy with the Wikileaks documents hosted here. They were dual-purpose: for general education and for specific exercises. If you need to access this material, try this site. Funny, this TUE censorship.

COS and family

Church of Scientology (sic) information - removed in 1997 on request of the TUE (that avoids legal battles), added again Dec 2005 (after Karin Spaink and XS4ALL won all legal battles), removed again in Feb 2007 on request of COS lawyers. See also XS4ALL News and Karin Spaink's page with COS material.

Some stories about Landmark Forum.

Language and Typesetting

Introduction to Metafont.

Deens voor beginners.

Typesetting Amharic.

Use of verbatim mode with ArabTeX. Qur'an fragment in Kufic script. Earlier Kufic.

Special symbols in the Hebrew Bible.

Urdu double-eyed he. Malay (Jawi) alphabet

The Malayalam alphabet.

The Tifinagh alphabet.

Pokorny's indoeuropean etymological dictionary.
Adams' Tocharian B dictionary.
Demiraj's Albanian inherited lexicon.
Digital versions of Brugmann's 'Grundriß'.





Had Gadya


Genealogy 20041023 20120814


Petition against software patents. (The website seems to have died, but the issue is important as ever.) There is some progress.

Bits Of Freedom


Human Rights Watch

Guantánamo, not the worst of the worst, but the unluckiest of the unluckiest.

Don Knuth's Infrequently Asked Questions.

US Police State

Why it matters - If privacy disappears from the face of the Earth, mathematicians will be some of the primary culprits.



Math Reviews (MathSciNet is available by subscription only).

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.

Mathematical Software.

Guide to Available Mathematical Software.

Computational geometry links.

Character sets and other standards

SCSI standard: T10, ATA standard: T13.

Character set information: Starling. ISO 2375 Character Set Registry. Indrek Hein's database. ISO 8859-* information. Unicode. ISO online.

Languages. The Ethnologue.


Go: Go bond, ratings: NL, Eur.




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